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Fishing Notebooks

NameHere's Fishing front cover

6×9″ Notebook

These fishing notebooks are unique and fun. They’re perfect for tracking all your fishing trips! They’re a convenient size (6×9 inches) to carry in a bag or purse. They make a great & inexpensive personalized gift.

This Personalized Notebook Features:
  • Size: 6×9 inches (about 15×22 cm)
  • Pages: 106 fishing log pages (53 sheets, front/back) with space for:
    • date & time
    • location & coordinates
    • people
    • weather conditions
    • water visibility
    • moon phase
    • body of water
    • gear & equipment
    • fish bait & lures
    • catch list (species, weight, size, time)
  • Cover: Soft Cover (with a high-quality glossy finish)
  • Paper: 55# (90 GSM) white paper (the same paper used for publishing novels and other books)

Note: fonts may differ from that pictured.

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